October 26, 2010

2nd Round in Hatchery

The guys pushing it to the limit.

While we are anxiously awaiting the offical beginning of the season, we keep ourselves busy by finishing the hatchery, and patrolling during the nights in order to encounter any nesting female that might not have heard about the statistical dates when they are supposed to be arriving ;-).
Since we don't have volunteers yet we are constructing (means sifting and shoveling) the hatchery with only seven people, and I am pretty sure that by the time we are done we will all look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his best years.
Elmar wishing he had
 stayed home in Holland.

The hatchery is a square 4.5 meters by 7.5 meters, where later on in the season our relocated nests will hopefully incubate safely, and since Leatherback nests are buried 75 cm deep, we sift the sand in this square to a depth of 1 meter. That makes 33.75 m3 or 33,750 liter of sand that is moved.... I think you get the idea.
Jaykel not losing his humour 
in the face of tons of sand.

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