December 23, 2010

Busy Times!

We were really busy this past week, with (finally) lots of turtle nestings, some visits from Australia, and the departure of our first ISV group, and the arrival of our new ISV group (which is still here).
We, furthermore, started with a new set of data we are going to take from now on, which is the measurement of the beach slope of Ostional beach, and which will be bringing Elmar's water-table data to a round figure. So from now on twice a week at low tide we will have two teams measuring the beach on 10 different points.

Beach slope measurements in full sun-shine.

Beach slope measurements
We have got seven different Black turtles recorded, and so far three different Leatherbacks that each came-up three times already, and we named two of them. One is named Princesa, because she seems very small and fragile, and very pretty, and came for the first time to nest; and the other one we named Esperanza (Spanish for Hope) which is dedicated to Andrey's sick uncle. So now we have got four Leatherback nests in the hatchery, and a total of eleven Black turtle nests.
Princesa after her third nesting.
Two days ago we were able to release our first black turtle nest of the season with 66 hatchlings, which Andrey found during a morning survey. The ISV students were stoked.

ISV group releasing our Black turtle nest.
Ashley as a very happy camper behind baby turtle.

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