October 20, 2011

Season Start 2011-12

Dear Friends and Followers,

Finally I find some time to proclaim the official start of our nesting season, and I hope that you are already anxiously awaiting the news-feeds from the field.
We have also got some new features this season on the page. You can sign-up as follower as well as comment on the posts.

The field team arrived in Ostional on the 15th of October, and threw themselves right into the work. Even though no Leatherback females had nested so far equipment needed to be organised and cleaned, and new staff members needed to be trained.
Luckily our fortress to defend the area for our hatchery against nesting Ridley’s was intact, and we were able to hope that this year the sand would be free of Ridley nests.

A nice treat was that we've got greeted by an arribada, so that we got right into the Ostional mode. It was raining hard these days though, and while we were doing our first surveys, no living soul seemed to be on the beach only vultures and dogs that claimed it fiercely as their territory. The rain and the rivers also exposed hundreds of nests, and the arribada left its exhausted victims behind, which altogether meant a feast for the vultures.
And while breathing in the odour of rotten eggs, sea salt, and decaying flesh one thought: “yes we are back in Ostional!” ;-)

Playa Ostional in the morning hours.

Exposed Ridley nest, and happily feasting vultures.

An arribada victim.

Our fenced hatchery area.

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