October 22, 2015

Results from season 2014-2015

The 2014-2015 Leatherback and Pacific Green sea turtle season was closed on April of 2015. This season was very successful as we had strongly committed research assistants, international and local, all of them highly motivated and passionate about the project efforts. Also we did received support from lots of volunteers that came to join us. Everything was essential for the good development of the project!

Interesting were the results obtained for this season. In previous seasons we have documented between 19 and 42 nests at Ostional beach, usually done by 8 different nesting females. This year we only had 4 leatherbacks arrived to the beach which laid a total of 8 nests, all of which we protected on our hatchery. The nesting for this season has been very low and we hope that it is more a consequence of El Niño phenomenon ongoing for this year than the real expected decline of the population. Lets see what happens in the following years!

In the table below you can see the results obtained of all the work done in last season.

Number of total activities
Number of females nesting
Number of total nests
Number of nests relocated to the hatchery
% Hatching success
Numbers of Hatchings released
Leatherback turtle
Pacific green sea turtle

Before we go we would like to give a deep recognition to Andrey, Wade, Yohan, Elmer, Christina, Sarah, Callie for their big effort done this season; your job was amazing! Thank you guys! 

Also to all the volunteers from International Student Volunteers and WorkingAbroad that came to help us in this conservation effort, thank you so much. 

Special thanks to Yeudy and Pablo, from the MINAE, for helping us in the development of the project. And thanks to the support given by the Costarrican Ministry of Enviromental and Energy. 

Also thank you so much for the support that this year we received from the Rufford Foundation as without them we wouldn´t be able to develop this project.