March 03, 2011

ISV Groups gone, more Leatherback hatchlings and the last weeks of the season.

After the first nest (A1) hatched after 68 days, A5 and A9 did also already hatch. We still have females coming to nest, which is a little unusual for Ostional this time of the year, but we don’t complain, and are very happy about the nestings. Princesa our first female of the season, and also our only neophyte (first-time nester) this year is still coming every 11 days. Esperanza the badly injured female is also still coming, but her wounds have become badly infected, and I had to scrape away 5 cm of puse to be able to desinfect the wound. The whole meat seems to have started to decay, and next time she comes up we try to put some antibiotics on the cuts and scrapes.

Jairo and Greivin left already the project to work again with Leatherbacks in the Caribbean, and Fran also went to a training in Limón to get fully trained for the upcoming nesting season in Ostional.

So the rest of us is keeping busy with excavations, hatchery shifts, and patrols when we expect our last females to come.

 IMG_1922IMG_0972    DSCF0406 IMG_1544