November 19, 2013

20 first days for this season and it looks promising

On these 20 first days of our 2013-2014 season we have had some good nesting activity which makes us suspect that this will be a GOOD NESTING SEASON! Fingers Cross!

With 10 Pacific Green activities by 4 different females and 5 Leatherback nesting activities with 4 different nesting "georgeous" females and 5 confirm nests all at hatchery, things are looking good.!!

This year the hatchery was build following the same procedures that last year, as hatching success for 2012-2013 it was very good (52.55%). So we are aiming for more than 1000 hatchings to be released this year! Last season we had 749 hatchings

Thank you Yohan, Jaykel, Yeudi, Macdo, Pablito, Adelaide, Florence, Chris, Elies, Oliver, Kristen, and many more plus the ones to come soon, for all your efforts in our 10th season!

Here is a picture with our two International RAs, now known locally as Adi and Flo with future Leatherback Post.Doc researchers Eto and Ferchi at the Ministry of Environment Field Station.