December 09, 2013

First group of ISV and sand turtle

At one month of work and the first group of International Student Volunteers, our big supporter, has arrived.
12 australian volunteers and one of the best leaders, Manuel Ramirez " Malo", arrived full of energy and enthusiasm to work, looking forward to see a real leatherback nesting.

But before night patrols the group like all other volunteers need to received the beach and hatchery trainings so with the help of Yeudi and Denis, an amazing local artcarft maker,Florence, Adelaide and Wilberth, they built a sand leatherback.

They started working on it....It is looking great!!..

But not ready yet...that turtle needs...

....needs it keels or ridges...

And after lots of hard work the turtle was finish and the group was ready to make the training and go on night patrolling!!
Thank you guys, you are all artists, the leatherback looks awesome!! ISV group we hope you enjoy and you see a real leatherback soon!!